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Who is Minerva

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 Who is Minerva

Minerva: was the Roman Goddess equated with the Greek goddess Athena who was the Greek version of Hathor – The Egyptian Goddess. The three goddesses shared a lot of specializing such as poetry, beauty, wisdom reason, crafts, music & much more. As Goddess Minerva was the latest version of these in the Ancient Civilization, Minerva Travel & Tours bring you the latest & most updated Culture, Adventure & Classic tours as well.

Minerva Travel is wisely tailoring your tours

Minerva travel was founded in November 1989 By Mr. Walid A. Ezzat Chairman & group of travel professional & specialist in the Egyptian history & culture who combined their ideas, experience & knowledge in the travel industry  &  Hotel management we are a Members of: Egyptian Chamber of Tour Operators & Travel Agents /IATA / ASTA / UFTAA & Egyptian Hotel association .


Our 30 year’s off experience had let us to offering comprehensive travel services to individuals, groups, And fulfil worldwide market expectations  to provide a diversified range of  travel services and rediscovering Egypt as the real destination for history lovers &  researchers, and with reliable quality to corporate business  partners , and has given us the capability to run and operate all types of programs to explore the true beauty of Egypt’s countless and renowned cultural and historical sites with a personal touch embedded in our Leisure and Incentive , healthcare  ,wellness Medical tourism and Eco tourism  ,  MICE , yoga & meditation plus  The Holey wilderness programs in addition to Egyptian civilization with outstanding success

Moreover, we are one of the pioneer travel agencies in exploring the primitive Saharan oases (desert oases) & sensation of Egyptian desert by being qualified to dig the secrets of the deserts to invite tourists to dive in the deep of Egyptian civilization & culture.

Maintaining a steady growth, "Minerva Travel" Group will launch a number of new Egyptian tourism products during the upcoming season 2018/2019, it will be a pleasure to have A look to our program “DESTINATION OUT” which presents new creative ideas to desert & eco- tourism Plus Egyptian civilization & culture.

Focusing on special events Minerva Travel proudly presents its new product “THE SEVEN WONDERS OF EGYPT” with creatively chosen extensions to off-the-beaten-track sites and neighboring countries. The programs extend beyond the Nile Valley into deserts yet to be explored, to primitive Sahara Oases, to the wonders of the Libyan history and the sensation of the Jordanian deserts.

For thousands of years, Egypt maintained the stability of the culture that influenced later cultures of Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Today, many aspects of ancient Egyptian culture exist in interaction with newer elements, including the impact of modern Western culture, itself with roots in ancient Egypt. The land of Egypt hosts a number of races that have been settling in the deserts or along the Nile since the dawn of time. We offer takes you on a journey to discover Egypt with its whole history.

Our professional management is supported by a fully computerized system and our energetic team of multilingual experts, with their experience, creativity & ever enthusiastic attitude assists in making the best travel arrangements at affordable prices. Also, our creative programs for incentive, MICE & theme medical events are unique & unforgettable.


  • Travel & tours We provide you with all required services
  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Visa information or any other service to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


Our concierge service ensures that all your needs are met from specific foods or drinks to children activities, shopping or anything else you might require while visiting us.


Our excursions including Shanda Lodge & Spa, historic site visits, day tours, and many other fun activities.


We can sort your airport pickup, hotel accommodations and all other travel arrangements at your convenience. We also provide information with regards to visa requirements and airport regulations.

We are full of passion and enthusiasm for sharing our experience and knowledge about Egypt. So let's see the beauties of this marvelous country together & feel free to contact one of our sales consultants for advice and ideas on making your trip a memorable one.

Please be sure that your satisfaction is our main objective, the mission of our team is to surpass your highest expectations, we are available to answer your requests 24/7 while traveling with us.

we will fulfill every need of our guest, accommodate all languages to our valuable guests by providing guides in their own language.

Rediscover The Soul of Egypt Rising Up From the Depth of History...

Visit Egypt….. Trust Minerva Group

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