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Shanda Lodge Desert Resort

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Shanda Lodge is located in the picturesque Dakhla Oasis, which is counted among the most beautiful Oases in New Valley With A valuable asset of 40000 SQM of Fertile Land, Shanda nestles amid the greenery of Dakhla Oasis, professed by many as the most spectacular of the Egyptian oasis  , in a peaceful, friendly environment, in the neighbourhood of Green Land with palm , owned & managed by Safari Misr Hotels- S.A.E. and member of Minerva Group

Shanda, It is undoubtedly ideal for those who want to experience the really peaceful holiday in quiet surroundings,. 

Shanda lodge its Eco Desert Resort lies away from all the motorways and main roads and thus it is kept from over visiting. 

It,s surrounded by Green Area, where you can enjoy long walks along well-kept trails (5 km).


The premises' plus point is stemmed from its incomparable location and altitude; with panoramic views overlooking vast stretches of gardening, springs, palm groves and the outstanding desert-landscape beyond, The unique combination of desert and oasis in a view looking east.

Moreover, the lodge has a convenient access to the surround deserts and historical sites .


The superior lodge offers full scale convenience and first class services to our wellness guests who want to find relaxation and recreation as well as to those conference participants who are looking for an ideal environment.

Shanda Lodge it,s about 20 km far from the city centre of Dakhala Oasis .

Why Dakhla 

Dakhla is the farthest oasis out of Cairo and is considered one of Egypt's most beautiful oasis.

It sits in a depression surrounded by pink cliffs. There are about 30,000 acres of cultivated land. Most of its 40,000 o residents are farmers who constantly fight the battle of the d unes that threaten their fields and orchards. The fields and gardens are filled mostly with mulberry trees, date palms, figs, apricots and citrus fruits. Dakhla has retained most of its culture and charm even through it has increased in size by about double and government funding and technical training has revitalized the economy.

Research has found that the Oasis has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and that there was once a huge lake here. There are Neolithic rock paintings that indicate that the lake was frequented by elephants, buffaloes and ostriches. As the lake dried up, the inhabitants migrated to the Nile valley and were probably some of its first settlers.

Dakhla Oasis is dominated on its northern horizon by a wall of rose-Colored limestone rock. Fertile cultivated areas growing rice, peanuts and fruit are dotted between sand dunes along the roads from Farafra and Kharga in this area of outstanding natural beauty. The capital, Mut, named after the ancient goddess of the Theban Triad, houses the Museum of the Inheritance, a traditional house, with an intricate wooden combination lock

Al Qasr, about 35 km from Mut, was originally a Roman settlement which later became the medieval capital of Dakhla. The old town is a labyrinth of mud-walled alleys narrowly separating houses with elaborately carved wooden

"The mighty oasis of Dakhla perfectly symbolizes the serenity of a desert island. The ancient lifestyles one can detect there seem as they had ever been—unchanged, untouched. Indeed, it was there that I had first experienced 'the eternal primitivism of being'.


On the other hand, and from a historical perspective, Dakhla embraces—in addition to Egypt's common and unearthed treasures—a reach memoirs seldom, if ever been, told. There are well-preserved Pharaohnic, Persian, Ptolomaic and Roman temples, remarkable Christian necropolises that date back to the 4th century A.D., shrines built for Amen-Ra and castles and fortresses representing the architectural techniques of several Islamic eras.


Geographically, the oasis form part of the seam between two physical spheres: The perforated and oases-spotted limestone plateau that profiles central Egypt and the NASA-reported, Martian sandstone country of southwest Egypt. It also possesses the general characteristics of prolific, semi-arid, arid and hyperarid lands.


We simply calculated that that past and those geographies out to have a revelation. Needing a base for our exploits and contribution to the preservation of the national assets, we have chosen folkloric Dakhla as a beacon and a jump-off point to the oases of Egypt and the unmatched wildernesses that embrace them."

Shanda Plateau

Shanda Plateau: it is the high part of the site lies in the south direction with length 100 m & width 12 m  & approx.  the total area of 12000 m .. this hill is considered the most distinguished part in the site because of its height and the availability of using it as a balcony include the hotel units and view the rest of the oasis & surrounding Desert from the four directions.

The middle part: A squared land 100 m x 100 m  with total area 10000 m2 approx. this part includes the site  western entrance

The    … part: semi-square looks like the previous part in area and shape surrounded  north by greenery lands and  contains some trees in the northern & eastern directions  with a total area of 500 m2



Reception and administration complex

Its Islamic design that is given a unique feature of the oasis heritage by the final finishing and irregular lines. the building lies on an area of 500m2 within the middle of the property southern the entrance that the units and the restaurant appear behind up the hill in a good harmony & overlooking swimming pool


It contains an entrance and 2 sitting areas with a domed hall leads to the counter .. the counter affixed by an administrative office, clinic & storage .. surrounded by a tourism office – shop – the general manager office, bathrooms, bar with kitchen for the building services from food and beverages.


Shanda Lounges

Shanda is including 2 Lounges El Diwaniya lounge & El Magls Lounge that, according to their unique designs an furnishing, add a sense of elegance, meant to guarantee an agreeable comfort for our guest.


We are prepared to fulfill the wishes of even the most demanding customers, In addition to our comfortable accommodations and the med rooms, we invite you to make your stay even more memorable by trying our Oriental  restaurant, Sit Elhosn & Fada Restaurant  which   serving a gracious buffet breakfast each morning, as well as delectable lunches and dinners. You can enjoy the magic of candlelight dinner at our Sit Elhosn restaurants.


 The outlook is simple—just inviting and cozy mud-brick structures, inspired from the old oasis’ fortresses, standing in harmony amidst the primitive edifices. Yet, the interior is stylish and comfortable.

  • A number of creatively designed outlets serve the guests' stay—a pool with a cafeteria atop the southern hill, a sunset cafeteria with a bar and the main restaurant.

 12 Superior  each one with private terrace, each room has a sitting area walk-in cupboard, and all rooms have a private balcony

Ain Shanda Room

     12   standard rooms are built with respect to the surrounding environment

Shanda Desert Center For Hand Craft

Shanda encloses a School dedicated to the preservation of primitive Oasis” industries, A separate building in front of the reception and is in harmony with it in both shape & size includes a historical, geological &

environmental museum and a library that includes researchers fro historical & geographical Egyptian desert and It also encloses a bazaar that promotes & sells the locals” handiwork to help to raise their life- standers. a gallery that displays the history and geography of the Eastern Sahara & the most of brilliant of the Oasis crafts.

Attached to his craft school for Development artisans of the region to serve the people of the valley to view the professional skills of the guests of the lodge. The region contains a school dedicated to preserving the primitive industries for oases as well as a library of literary books and maps relating to the desert .. And also for the Bazaar promote the sale of local handicrafts and help in raising the standard of living of the population

Shanda Conference Room & Library

The property consists of a conference & meeting room  with Capacity of100 – 150 Persons


Swimming Pool

Lies Down the hill between the 2  residence buildings with area 500 m

Bar & Cafeteria

A large terrace adjoining bar for soft drinks, juices, and snacks in front of the side rooms of the opposite hill


On an area of 2000 meters and is situated between the   ground chambers And contains a specialized center for treatment of bone diseases, rheumatism, Romoatid supplement with well water because of its water temperature as well as the percentage of minerals available in these waters and massage center and beauty and this center will be  administered under the supervision of  an international company specialized in Wellness

Barbeque Camp

A 500-square meter provides the finest folk art and with the Bedouin dinner

and barbecue in the open air and a return to the normal life with the initial delicious barbecue nomadic.

Yoga & meditation center

Are you ready to find the strength that lies within you?  Is it time to live your life with an open heart and a clear mind?
Join us for series designed to expand your practice of yoga and enrich your life.


Works at the hotel 25 staff, all of whom are residents of the area, in addition to the two women from the region are working in the production of handicraft items to display in front of hotel guests, and the relationship of the hotel residents and visitors not only to its employees,

Please, take the time to explore our special offers for travel companies - interesting and varied pricing programs for regular mini-groups, individual travelers, corporate clients, the special contract prices with a flexible system of discounts and individual contract with each of agency. Sure, Shanda Lodge will give you the unique atmosphere of history in surroundings of contemporary comfort and convenience in the heart of New valley.



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