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Who Is Minerva Healthcare

Who Is Minerva Healthcare Details

Minerva Healthcare  is a Customer Centric Medical Tourism facilitation  company and

a Global Operator with local footprint, we strive to understand the customer’s requirement

fully, provide a platform for connecting the Clint's  to the  hospital and doctor, and  engage

In extending all facilities to the customer in undertaking the journey to alleviate his condition

Our professional management under the supervision of Our Vice President for Healthcare

       & Wellness Division ( Professor Doctor Essam El-Kady ).

       As we are  one of  the leading healthcare travel  facilitators,  we uses its network of doctors

       and JCI  accredited hospitals, to provide the best quote, excellent support and genuine care.

       our teams of committed and passionate professionals are eager to assist with your medical

       trip to Egypt.

  • VISION :-
  • To be a globally recognized company established world-wide with an excellence in organizational structure
  • Re-defining the standards of “ customer service “ by exceeding customer expectations
  • To be admired for our business values and ethics
  • To keep our name synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction and innovation.
  • To be the "preferred choice" both for customers, suppliers and employees
  • To bring inspiration and be a model for companies who are willing to reach their dreams .
  • MISSION :-
  • Perceiving customer needs at utmost level by providing them flexibility in sourcing, competitive prices,

    on-time deliveries and customized solutions for unique needs

  • Ensuring attentive, effective and proactive customer services and personalized attention to customers
  • Continually building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers
  • Sustaining our reputation as a reliable, customer oriented, dynamic player in the market
  • Achieving profitable growth, operational and organizational excellence without compromising our values and business ethics.
  • VALUES :-

    • Loyalty
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Reliability
    • Transparency
    • Mutual Respect

    Minerva  focus on 4 main aspects in Medical Tourism

    • Information
    • Transparency
    • Communication
    • Experience
  • Our 4 core principles:

    • Information :-
    • We will strive to provide up to date information  on all  spheres of  medical conditions
    • We will support and coordinate with our client to research the best possible treatment
    • solution and hospital for him to undertake treatment.
    • Transparency :-
    • We will explain the pro’s and con’s of the countries, hospitals, their competency, quality
    • of service, facilities available, accreditations and experience of doctors.
    • Client will be able to select the hospital and doctor that he deems is best in consultation  

          whith his personal physician.

  • Communication :-
  • Communication is the essence of any exchange of ideas or solutions, Our personnel undergo exhaustive training  on medical tourism components, medical terminology
  • and also research to understand  clients  requirements, to facilitate identification of
  • the right doctors and hospitals, travel solutions, accommodation solutions etc..
  • Experience :-
  • We believe in providing  the client  a wholesome  and  satisfying  experience  while undergoing  medical  tourism.  Towards this  end,  we  manage  all  aspects  of  your medical tourism including air travel, accommodation, local transportation, concierge service, communication, tourism service by either owning it or identifying the right service provider.

           Preparatory or Consultation Services :-

            Minerva will assign a dedicated Customer  Marketing Coordinator to customers, who

             will be responsible for initial discussion and arrangements for medical travel from the

             home country to destination country.

            * Understand the Customer’s requirements.

            * Assist in  identifying  the right hospital  based  on his / her medical requirements and


            * Arrange for discussion with the doctor who will be performing the procedure by audio

              or video conference call.

            * Arrange for necessary Pre-treatment tests to be done in the home country if possible

            * Secure transfer of all medical records to the hospital (using our hosted server).

            * Provide complete  information  on the process of  medical  treatment, duration of stay

              (before  and after treatment), accommodation, travel and tourism .


    We are willing to provide much more than the medical service and training.

    We are aiming to expand as much as we can in Africa, through regional agencies

    and be  one of the leaders of health care givers as well as spreading our knowledge to help others improve there lives .

    Doctor / Essam El-Kady

      Vice chairman for Healthcare & Wellness


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